Put Propane to Work

Propane has become a leader in the industrial market because it offers a number of key advantages over other fuels:

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    Lower Emissions

    Propane-powered forklifts produce 19 percent fewer emissions than gasoline forklifts and 7 percent fewer emissions than diesel forklifts. Additionally, when you take in total site-to-source emissions, propane's total emissions are fewer than electricity.

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    Propane-powered forklifts can operate more quickly than electric, which boosts productivity outdoors where faster speeds are allowed. Additionally, propane only requires a quick and easy cylinder switch, which can be faster than charging a battery.

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    Proven Performance

    Propane has a proven and trusted track record in material handling. Propane fuels 670,000 forklifts in U.S. factories and warehouses.

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    Abundant Supply Produced in the U.S.

    Choosing forklifts that run on American-made propane reduces dependence on foreign oil and keeps jobs at home. With more than 70 percent of propane production coming from domestic natural gas, the U.S. produces enough of its own propane to exceed customer demand.