A fresh look at the savings of propane mowers

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Propane Pays Off

Landscape professionals know that when it comes to pulling a profit, quality equipment is everything. And it's not enough to talk about impressive performance - the real proof is on the balance sheet every month. Propane offers proven advantages over conventional fuels.

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    Lower Operating Costs

    Propane mowers cost about 30 percent less per hour to operate than gasoline, not to mention potentially reducing maintenance costs.



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    Proven Performance

    Propane mowers are available from leading manufacturers, ensuring powerful performance that gets the job done.



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    Fewer Emissions

    Propane reduces harmful carbon emissions compared with conventional fuels, giving contractors an edge when bidding jobs with environmentally conscious clients.


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    Easy On-Site Refueling

    With propane mowers, there's no need to sacrifice work time for trips to the gas station. Fleets of any size can enjoy convenient refueling and infrastructure options that pay off.



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    Reduced Fuel Spills and Pilferage

    Propane equipment has a secure closed fuel system. This saves money and protects the environment by virtually eliminating costly, harmful spills and by dramatically reducing fuel theft.



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    Abundant Supply Produced in the U.S.

    Propane is made in America, and we have plenty of it. In fact, the U.S. exports enough propane annually to run the nation's entire fleet of commercial zero-turn-rider mowers.